Jesus taught that the greatest in His kingdom are those who invest their lives serving others in a way that brings glory to God.

Christianity is not a self-centered, self-serving religion. It is a God-centered relationship built on serving God and those He has created. We want to equip you for a ministry that will enable you to leave an eternal impact.

As you connect with other committed Christians in our church, it is our prayer that you will seek out opportunities to invest your life in the service of God and others. By doing so, your life will be fruitful and fulfilling.

We want to minister to you so that you can minister to others. If you are ready to invest your life in things that will matter for all of eternity, we encourage you to contact the leaders of our various ministries and let them know of your willingness to serve.

Here are a few of those ministries:

Media Ministry

Sound Team

This team runs the sound board and records all of our services for the duplication team to distribute. Workers on this team need to be available for rehearsal as well as live performances. Training is required and consistency is expected. To volunteer, stop by the sound booth before or after a service and talk to the person running sound.

Computer Team

This team controls everything that hits the big screens during our worship service. They prepare worship slides, promos, and sermon content prior to the services, and then operate all of the equipment during the worship service. Advance preparation time is required. Training is required and consistency is expected. To volunteer, stop by the media booth before or after a service and talk to the person operating the computer.

Duplication & Distribution Team

This team takes the recorded services and duplicates them for distribution. This ministry requires the team to remain after the services for approximately 15-20 minutes to complete their ministry. To volunteer, contact Janet, our church secretary. Training is required. Volunteers serve on a rotating schedule.

Video Team

This team captures our services, baptisms, and special events on video camera for us to share with others. All worship services are recorded by this team to be distributed through our Duplication and Distribution Team. If you would like to volunteer for this team, contact the church office. Volunteers serve on a rotating schedule.

Photography Team

This team captures special moments in the life of our church to be shared through social media. They also help capture significant life moments like baptisms, baby dedications and other moments in our worship service to share with the families involved. If you own a camera and would love to use it in God’s service, contact the church office to get connected.

Mentor Ministry

One of the most important new ministries our church is developing is our mentoring ministry. Mentoring is a simple one-on-one ministry that allows a seasoned believer to assist a younger believer to grow stronger in his or her faith in Christ. Our mentors do not pretend to have all the answers, but they are willing to walk with others, sharing what they know, while enlisting the help of others for areas they are unfamiliar with. Ideally, each of our mentors will have a mentor guiding them, so that no one feels overwhelmed. If you would like to locate a mentor for yourself or become a mentor for others, you should contact Rob and set up an appointment to get things rolling. Training is required to become a mentor.

Landscape Team

This team works year round to maintain the lawn and landscaping of our facilities. They work as a team so that no one is burdened with everything. If you can ride a mower, swing a weed-eater, plant and weed a flowerbed, or sweep a sidewalk, you can be part of this team. No experience needed! If you would like to volunteer for this team, contact Delbert Willis or Norris Autrey through the church office.

Children's Ministry

Nursery Volunteer

We are constantly expanding our ministries to young families and this requires us to expand our childcare. In order to keep up with the growth, we are always in need of more volunteers to care for our precious little children. If you have been a part of the Crossroads family for at least six months, love caring for little ones, and would like to volunteer in our nursery rotation, we could use your help. Most of our volunteers serve on a rotating schedule so that no one is overworked. We conduct background checks on all our nursery workers, and we require that you serve with one of our existing nursery volunteers for the first several months. If you would like to volunteer for this ministry, contact Janet Tibbitts in the church office to get an application.

Kid Connection

Every Sunday morning from 8:45-9:45 we offer a Bible Study geared for our younger children. If you have been a part of the Crossroads family for at least six months, love teaching children about God, and would like to volunteer as a teacher, please contact the church office for an application.

Vacation Bible School

Every summer minister to around a hundred children from our community through our Vacation Bible School. It requires a massive amount of volunteers to make this week a success. We enlist workers for all sorts of tasks like teaching, snack preparation, crafts instructor, recreation leader, music leaders, and many more. If you are interested in helping in this ministry contact Amy Willis through the church office.

Student's Ministry

As our Student Ministry grows, so grows the need for more adult involvement. We are constantly in need of adults who can help with the little things that make a huge difference. Some of those areas include transporting teens to and from events, providing snacks for special events, opening your home to a youth event, hosting a small group Bible study, chaperoning overnight events, and helping to provide scholarships for teens who need a little extra financial assistance to attend an event. The opportunities are endless because the ministry is always expanding. If you would be willing to invest yourself in the lives of our students, contact Andrew Willis through the church office.

Mission Team

Our church is committed to taking the Gospel to those who do not yet know Christ. To accomplish this we participate in various mission trips. Some are local, while others are far away. If you have a heart for serving others and sharing Christ, perhaps you would be interested in serving on an upcoming mission team. We would love for you to join with us to help change this world… from Vinton to Uganda. To learn more, contact the church office.

Praise Team & Worship Band

Our worship team is composed of individuals who have a heart to bless God and the body of Christ. They are not on stage to promote themselves, but to point people to Christ. We are not looking for individuals who love the spotlight, but for those who seek to glorify God through the use of the gifts God has given to them. If given the choice between a person with incredible gifts but a desire for self-promotion, or a person with fewer gifts but a heart for glorifying God, we would choose the later every time. If you are gifted in this area and are willing to use those gifts for the glory of God, please contact Andrew Willis to volunteer.

Prayer Ministry

This team is serious about praying for the needs of others. Through the use of email and text messaging, this team communicates the pressing needs of those in our congregation and our community. These individuals must be committed to confidentiality and to prayer. If you love to pray for others, and can do so without being involved in gossip, we would love to include you in this ministry. To volunteer, contact Nancy Sonnier through our church office.


We want every person who attends our church to know how much they are valued from the moment they drive onto our property. Our greeters are there to greet them with a smile and help them to find their way to their desired location. When it is raining, they are in the parking lots with umbrellas to escort you into the buildings. If you are a people-person who loves to smile and serve others, you would be perfect for this ministry. To get involved, talk to one of our greeters and let them know of your interest in serving… or better yet, just get out there and start greeting others.

Manna Ministry

Our church helps meet the hunger needs of those in our community by stocking a food pantry in our church with non-perishable food items. Volunteers are needed to help restock the shelves and deliver groceries to those in need. If you are interested in serving in this ministry contact Diana Malone through the church office.

Meals on Wheels

As the need arises, we provide home-cooked meals to those in our church family who have undergone surgery, or are battling a debilitating illness such as cancer. The impact of this ministry is huge. If you love to cook and would like to volunteer to be part of this team, contact Tee Smith through the church office.