Raising up a Generation of Christian Leaders

At Crossroads we’re all about Jesus. Jesus is the most important person of all time. Many people may have an idea of who Jesus is from history, TV, or previous church experiences, but just because we have ideas of who Jesus is, doesn’t mean we actually know Jesus. The only way to get to know Jesus is to understand what the Bible says about him.

Youth Group (Grades 6th – 12th)

Come hang out with friends, play games, get to know our awesome youth leaders, and hear about Jesus. Meets Wednesday night at 7:00pm at Crossroads

Boys and Girls Small Groups (Grades 6th – 12th)

Come join in on our discipleship groups! We meet every Sunday night to hang out, study the Bible, answer questions, and build real, honest relationships. Meets Sunday night at 7:00pm at Crossroads

Did you know…
Statistically 70-75% of Christian youth leave the church after high school, so training young people in God’s Word is absolutely critical. Crossroads Student Ministries is focused on equipping young people to be disciples of Jesus.

  • Preaching the GOSPEL- God coming down to us
  • Engaging in WORSHIP- In response we reach out to God
  • Building COMMUNITY- Loving on, and serving others
  • Being on MISSION- Reaching out to our town and beyond for Christ
Our goal is to disciple students so that they become Jesus followers who love God and people, and equip them to become leaders in the church throughout their student years and beyond.