Our men’s ministry is called Ironmen based upon Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

The Ironmen of our church are committed to following Christ and leading their families to do the same.

Very rapidly our men are are discovering how to move from success to meaning, from addictions to freedom, and from selfishness to God’s call on their lives. They are seeking out a other brothers for whose lives and legacies they will fight, so that together they can fulfill their mission to know, love and glorify God. Here is how we do it:


Through our small group Bible studies, many of our men have connected with others who are strengthening their faith. These relationships are developing into mentoring relationships. In fact, many of the men who are being mentored have decided to start mentoring other men. It is incredible to see the hunger our men have to help one another live faithful lives. To become what God intends for us to become, we have learned that we need each other! The great news is that we don’t have to do it on our own.


We have various small groups that meet throughout the week. In these Bible studies men are learning how to grow stronger in their faith walk with God. They are learning how to lead their families by becoming lead-servants. Our men are discovering the value of having other men on their team. Deep, lifelong relationships are being developed as men commit to strengthening one another through prayer and encouragement. It is truly amazing to see the transformation of their lives and their families. If you are a man who seeks to do the same, we invite you to join one of the men’s small groups that are currently meeting throughout the week. The men will welcome you with open arms and will encourage you every step of the way. Check out our weekly schedule to see which small group fits your schedule, or call the church office to learn more.


From time to time our men gather for some great fellowship. Sometimes it is a breakfast, possibly a fishing tournament, or even a skeet-shoot and a bar-b-que. You never know what is next, but you can know it is going to be great when all of our men get together.


Several of our men are “handy-men” who can build anything. They enjoy using their gifts to help others in need. Even the men who are “not-so gifted” enjoy helping out and learning something new while blessing others. It is much more fun to do these things together than it is to do them alone. Our guys love serving together.